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The Story of Mag Mug

Mag Mug Equipment Co. began in April 2017 at the hands of a Marine Corps Logistician.

Nick Lozar, a devout coffee drinker and professional mover of things, decided after years of spilling his coffee from the durable, proven, but completely inconvenient canteen cup that a better option had to exist.

The solution presented itself in 2014 as then Major Lozar was struggling to find a suitable pocket to carry his supersized travel mug. “I wish this mug would fit in my magazine pouch…”. A new idea was born.

Fast forward to today, and the Mag Mug is a Product that enables a G.I. Joe on the go, but also is a product worthy of every business man or woman, outdoor enthusiast, or person in need of a reasonable mug to take on for the road.

We are a veteran-owned small business, dedicated to providing high quality drinkware and goods to meet the needs of today’s military, but convenient enough for the average joe. We look forward to you adding the Mag Mug to your arsenal.

Very Respectfully,

The Mag Mug Equipment Company

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